The Man Behind MJM Interior Design

Photos by Akos Major.

Mehran Jean-Michelle (Johnny) Moallempour is the owner and lead designer for MJM Interior Design, an interior design firm that operates out of San Francisco. Moallempour has over 24 years of interior design experience.  He currently specializes in interior design, residential and commercial remodeling and renovations,  new  construction, space planning, electrical plan, custom cabinetry and furniture design, color theory and decorating.

 Since creating MJM Interior Design, Moallempour has been involved in several projects, roughly 6 to 10 a year. This award winning firm has participated in three  different  showcase house projects and been featured in several interior design publications celebrating our work.

 MJM Interior Design has also collaborated with numerous firms as a sub contractors based on Moallempour’s knowledge of development and renovation abilities.  One of these  firms includes Sage Development, where MJM Interior Design has been taken on as a lead designer for several projects at developments in Carmel, Los Altos, Los Altos hills and Mountain View, California.

Moallempour got his start in the design industry as a design courier and fashion designer in ladies couture, beaded silk gowns, leather jackets and garments, and at 20 years old owned two boutiques.

His love of interior design and architecture prompted him to attend school joining the interior design program at the University of California, Los Angeles. Toward the end of his education, he started working at Donald Maloof designs. His work with this firm went on for two years until he started his own firm in 1999.


M.J.M. Interior Design is the one stop resource to creating a new look for your home and business. We specialize in residential and commercial projects that reflect our clients’ personality and lifestyle. Here at M.J.M. Interior Design we make sure that the job is completed from beginning to end and that our customers are happy with the quality and craftsmanship throughout.

M.J.M. Interior Design can help with all the the material for your project and we also can help with the selection of building professionals.

Allow Johnny and his team to help you create a home out of your living space and your business that caters to your clientele.